Kofax ControlSuite

We understand that the process of creating, sharing, printing, capturing and editing vast quantities of physical and digital documents is not just inefficient, but also time consuming, costly and risky.

We also appreciate that it requires a vast amount of time and resources to effectively manage the fleet of devices that your documents pass through on a daily basis.

Kofax ControlSuite is the only fully integrated single solution that securely enables your digital office experience by managing the way information is printed, captured and routed.

What does ControlSuite do?

  • Manage, control and protect your business’s document information
  • Increase productivity across the board by ensuring that the right documents get to the intended employee at the correct times
  • Reduce administrative workload for your employees
  • Minimise security breeches
  • Employ automatically generated audit trails to ensure compliance
  • Utilise intelligent capture capabilities to enhance your digital transformation
  • Simplify the administration of your entire print fleet

Why choose ControlSuite?

  • Increase employee productivity across the board
  • Protect your business’s documentation
  • Minimise security breeches
  • Be compliant