Managed Print Services

From printer units to advanced software, TMDS can provide a one-stop package. Learn more about our leading print management services here.

We specialise in delivering unrivalled efficiency and cost-effective print management.

Each year, businesses seek to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs. We understand that removing unnecessary waste is a key component of any successful business, which is why we work closely with companies all over the UK to draw up advanced print management strategies.

We have found that many of our clients have been able to reduce their cost by up to 30% by working alongside us to create powerful management plans.

What is a managed print service?

A managed print service is a comprehensive solution which encompasses hardware, software, printer supplies and maintenance.

We’ve broken down our process into five simple steps:


Our team of print experts will undertake an independent investigation to examine the client’s existing process and understand their specific requirements.


We come up with a plan that suits your business’s needs, each plan is tailored to every client so you get a bespoke service with account managers that are always on hand.


It’s important to us that our clients are satisfied with their plan so we do all the leg work and ensure that your plan is up and running as simply and as quickly as possible.


During a managed print service from TMDS, your account manager will be your point of contact for any further help or advice that you need.


We’ll be constantly reviewing your plan to ensure you are getting the best results and using our expertise to advise you on the different technology available. We’ll also set up regular review meetings so that we can update the plan and set further goals.

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How can a managed print service help you?

A Managed Print Service (MPS) is a holistic solution that goes beyond merely providing printers and includes a comprehensive approach to managing a company’s entire printing infrastructure.

Here’s how a Managed Print Service can significantly benefit you:

Cost Reduction and Predictability

Managed Print Solution providers assess the printing needs of a business and recommend the right mix of printers to optimise efficiency, reducing unnecessary expenses on hardware.

Security and Compliance

We implement robust security measures to safeguard sensitive information. This includes secure print release, user authentication, and encryption to protect data in transit.

Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity

We can help streamline document workflows, identify bottlenecks, and optimise processes for increased efficiency.

Environmental Sustainability

We assist in developing and enforcing print policies and encouraging responsible printing practices that contribute to environmental sustainability.

Proactive Maintenance and Support

Managed Print Solution providers actively monitor the health and performance of printers in real-time, allowing for proactive maintenance and issue resolution before they impact operations.

Scalability and Flexibility

Managed Print Services we offer are designed to scale with your business, accommodating changes in printing needs and infrastructure as the organisation evolves.