Hybrid Mail

Hybrid Mail is an outbound mail technology that enables businesses to automate their mailing process to deliver flexible and cost-effective communications to their customers. These communications can range from personalised letters, invoices, statement runs or bulk marketing mailings which can be sent directly from the user’s desktop, laptop or mobile device, wherever they are working.

For businesses that want to streamline and improve the efficiency of their mailing process, Hybrid Mail offers a perfect solution. It allows for significant cost reductions while helping to maximise productivity, ensuring increased security and accountability on outbound mail, and supporting remote, home and office workers within an organisation.

Hybrid Mail supporting office working

There is recognition that preparing, printing, and posting letters is a repetitive and manual process for anyone that does it. A process that pre-COVID-19, offices workers and teams just made happen. But, in doing so, organisations saw valuable individuals tied up, when their skills would suit more productive high-value work. Hybrid Mail can take on those manual tasks. Staff get the tools to provide a business-as-usual service, but also have time to focus on completing more of their core business activities.

Benefits to office workers include:

Inventory Management and Waste Reduction

Letterhead and branding can be printed at the same time as the rest of the letter – no need to buy, store and manage pre-printed stock in multiple office locations. If your logo, letterhead, address, or other details change, simply update the design in the software; there is no stock to recycle or throw away.

Speedier Service

The software will pre-sort mail to Royal Mail’s requirements before printing. Pre-sorting allows for the use of Down Stream Access (DSA) and injects your mail directly into the delivery network. A standard 2nd class DSA service should reach your recipients 2 days after dispatch.

Increased Productivity

Printing, folding, and inserting, sticking stamps, franking envelopes, trips to the post office can be completely removed from your daily routine.

Cost Reduction

We provide discounted volume postage rates offering considerable savings of up to 40% compared to using franking machines or stamps. In fact, our Hybrid mail costs less than a 2nd class stamp and includes the paper, envelope, printing, folding, inserting, and posting.

Audit and Tracking

In built mail tracking allows users and administrators to monitor the progress of their mail job from creation all the way through to delivery.

Hybrid Mail supporting remote working

A rise in remote/home working means company stationery, printers, mailing equipment and franking machines are not easily accessible to employees. These are people who create documents every day: colleagues who once sat in offices and branches for five days a week. Even once we can return to offices, it is most likely that companies will adopt a ‘hybrid working’ approach – mixing working location from home and the office. To deliver work successfully, they need tools to print and post letters from anywhere. An online Hybrid Mail service makes that possible.

Further benefits to home/remote workers include:

Document Security

Our is solution is hosted in the Microsoft Azure™ cloud in UK data centres, the same datacentres are used to provide secure mail services to organisations such as the NHS and heavily regulated financial institutions.


Need to include an electronic or physical insert to your mail? This can be requested by the user on submission of the job and added at the production stage seamlessly – so no need for home/remote workers to store or carry these with them. Ideal if you want to include something like a business reply envelope or a glossy company brochure in your pack.

Smart Returns Processing

Not in the office to receive any undelivered or returned mail? No problem, with our Hybrid Mail solution returned mail goes back to the production centre, is scanned without opening the envelope and is logged directly in the system with a notification sent to original sender with a reason for the return from Royal Mail.

Agile Working

Our solution offers both internet and desktop interfaces meaning mail can be composed and submitted by anyone from almost anywhere. Users simply need a device that can connect to the internet. Meaning the solution can be used at home, on the move or even in your local coffee shop as easily as they can in an office environment.

Control Branding

The increase of home or remote workers has left businesses with a challenge on how to control brand consistency on outbound communications. Hybrid Mail gives you back that control. With the latest company digital letterheads updated in the software, you will be safe in the knowledge that branding will be consistent for anyone creating and sending a document, wherever they work.

system intelligence

  • The system automatically and dynamically chooses the required envelope based on pack size i.e. number of sheets in the pack.
  • It automatically recognises and adopts the relevant postage weight banding to Royal Mail requirements.
  • International mail items are automatically moved to the relevant international tariff e.g. If the address contains the country ‘France’ but was submitted as 2nd Class it would automatically move the pack to an International Europe service.

This all supports general business staff who typically are not familiar with the postal requirement, bands, envelope capacities, etc, and allows them to simply submit their pack with little thought just as they would do in an office environment where the post team or reception would process it as required.